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    About us

    connecticut wholesale real estate

    What we do

    Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate buys, renovates and sells houses throughout Connecticut. We are always looking for single family houses that are in need of repairs ranging from cosmetic work to complete renovation.

    If you have a house that you want to sell but it needs repairs or updates. We will offer you a fair price and you will not have to pay for any expensive repairs.  

    We know that every house and every personal situation is different. When we evaluate your house we look at all the facts so we are able to present one or more offers. You can decide what will work best for you.

    connecticut wholesale real estate

    We can help

    Because  we purchase houses in need of repair,  you have the opportunity to sell  a house that might be difficult to sell to an average home buyer.
    Our team of professionals will work with you throughout the whole  process. We want to make every transaction a win for us and the  homeowner.
    Whatever your reason for selling a house, the sooner you sell, the  sooner you will be relieved of any stress it might create for you. If  you tell us about your house today you could be closer to a sale  tomorrow. 

    connecticut wholesale real estate

    Get an offer

    You  want to know what we can pay for your house ?  All we need is the  address and a little information about the house to tell you what we can  pay. 

    Call us or go to 'Get An Offer" and  tell us about your house. We will tell you what we can pay within a  week. If you accept our offer we will meet with you to inspect the  house. No offer is final until the inspection is completed.