Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate


What we do

We buy and renovate houses in Connecticut. We focus on single and multi family houses that need cosmetic work, minor repairs or complete renovation.

If you have a house that you want to sell we will offer a fair price and you will not have to do expensive repairs. We are not brokers. We never charge a commission. 

We know that every house and every personal situation is different. When we evaluate your house we will look at all the facts before we present an offer. 


How we help

  • We buy houses that are difficult to sell to the average home buyer.
  • You can receive a monthly income from the property after you sell it.
  • You can receive an income from the property without being a landlord. 
  • Our team will work with you. We make every transaction a win for you and us. 


Start today

Whatever your reason for selling a house , you will want to sell it as soon as possible.  Tell us about your house today and you could be closer to a sale tomorrow.

We can make a preliminary offer within a week. You decide if you want to move forward with a sale.  Give us the address and we can start working on an offer today. Call us or send a message and we will call you.